COVID-19 update:

Our office is now open to new and current patients for face-to-face sessions. However, we are also continuing to support patients through telehealth for those who choose to remain online for treatment (policy restrictions apply). Due to the current state and continuously evolving nature of the pandemic, we know this is an even more critical time to support children with their therapy needs.
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Your family is our family

CCS Pediatric Therapy & Family Wellness is a close-knit,  collaborative group of accomplished pediatric therapists with well over 100 years of experience combined. We approach each child and family as if they were our own, and take great pride in the meaningful relationships we develope through each encounter.

We’ve built a strong, evidence-based practice by collaborating with  local pediatricians and regional therapists on a regular basis-our expertise is widended through the partnerships we have built with these knowledgeable individuals. By focusing on the wellness of the whole family, our team offers a unique and effective approach to foster growth in each patient.

We are very proud of the community we have built and contine to expand throughout Lake County and beyond. Many of our referrals come by word of mouth from our families that we have had the privilege of working with over the years. As we continue to grow and develop, we are dedicated to making each family feel as though they are part of our own.



We are excited to announce the opening of our CCS Clubhouse where we will be offering summer camps, feeding groups, and social groups.

Our summer camps will be run by a developmental therapist and an occupational, physical, and speech therapist. There are limited spots available, contact us at 847-702-1542 or to register your child today. More details here.

Our feeding and social groups will be run by a feeding and speech therapist. If you are interested in signing your child up for a social and/or feeding group, please fill out the information here. We will be reaching out to you once we have finalized our schedule for the groups.

Our Therapy Services


Our physical therapists will help your child overcome physical challenges by developing strength, flexibility, range of motion, posture, and balance for your child. We are eager to help your child to overcome physical limitations so they can explore the world.

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Our occupational therapists will help your child master daily life skills including fine motor skills, sensory processing, and/or visual motor skill. Depending on your child's needs, we take numerous approaches and implement different activities (anywhere from handwriting to turn-taking) to sharpen the abilities of children with physical or learning difficulties.

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Our speech therapists strive to give children the tools to communicate effectively. Our goal is to develop and improve your child's speech and language delays or disorders that can have negative effects on his or her quality of life. Additionally, we can also help with feeding and swallowing in infants and children.

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