COVID-19 update: Our office is now open to new and current patients for face-to-face sessions. However, we are also continuing to support patients through telehealth for those who choose to remain online for treatment (policy restrictions apply). Due to the current state and continuously evolving nature of the pandemic, we know this is an even more critical time to support children with their therapy needs. Click here for our detailed cleaning policies and procedures. Please contact us for more details. email - [email protected] or call - 847-702-1542

If your child is not meeting their developmental milestones below, we would like to hear from you to discuss your therapeutic options.


Birth to 1

3 months

  • Holds head up in tummy time

  • Bears weight through arms during tummy time

  • Begins to track toys with eyes

  • Coordinates sucking, swallowing, and breathing


6 months

  • Rolls front to back and back to front

  • Pivots in a circle on their tummy

  • Begins belly crawling

  • Begins babbling

  • Swallows pureed foods


9 months

  • Sits with and without support

  • Moves into and out of sitting position from the floor

  • Pulls to stand

  • Imitates gestures

  • Uses pincer grasp with feeding

  • Holds bottle to self-feed


1-3 Years

1 year

  • Stands independently 

  • Cruises on furniture

  • Begins walking

  • Says first words

  • Points with an index finger

  • Chews textured foods

  • Drinks from a cup


1.5 years

  • Runs with good balance 

  • Throws a ball with relative accuracy

  • Walks up stairs with hand-held

  • Attempts to kick

  • Indicates yes/no

  • Follows simple directions

  • Knows/says at least 5 words

  • Engages in pretend play


2 years

  • Walks backward 

  • Walks up and down stairs with one hand on the wall and one foot leading

  • Jumps down from step and lands on both feet

  • Kicks a ball with direction

  • Points to at least 6 body parts

  • Uses 10-15 words

  • Produces 2-word phrases

  • Stacks 6-7 blocks

  • Uses one-hand cup holding

  • Begins to use a fork


3 years

  • Catches ball 

  • Hops on one foot

  • Walks on stairs with an alternating pattern

  • Pedals a tricycle

  • Follows 2 step directions

  • Uses sentences with 3 or more words

  • Carries on a conversation with 2-3 sentences

  • Matches objects to the corresponding picture

  • Takes turns with peers

  • Wipes own hands and mouth

  • Eats what the family is eating



4-7 Years

  • Dresses and undresses without help

  • Stands on one foot for 5-15 seconds

  • Jumps forward at least 3 feet without falling

  • Coordinates high-level skills, such as jumping jacks and lateral hop

  • Runs and changes direction

  • Catches a small ball

  • Jumps over items

  • Copies shapes

  • Holds a pencil with a three-finger grasp

  • Ties shoes independently

  • Maintains handwriting for the duration of an assignment

  • Matches all sounds with words and letters

  • Blends and manipulates words and syllables solidifies


8-12 Years

Potential indicators to watch for:

  • Scoliosis

  • Knee pain

  • Hip pain

  • Flat feet

  • Abnormal gait mechanics

  • Difficulty socializing with peers

  • Resistant to physical activity


Please contact us for further information or to discuss your child’s health with a dedicated therapist.