COVID-19 update: Our office is now open to new and current patients for face-to-face sessions. However, we are also continuing to support patients through telehealth for those who choose to remain online for treatment (policy restrictions apply). Due to the current state and continuously evolving nature of the pandemic, we know this is an even more critical time to support children with their therapy needs. Click here for our detailed cleaning policies and procedures. Please contact us for more details. email - [email protected] or call - 847-702-1542

Carrie is a lifeline…

“While Carrie and the other therapists have technically only treated my children, their practice ultimately supported our whole family. Their level of skill and caring is simply unmatched; it truly feels that there is no limit to how they’re able to identify, adapt and treat my boys. Carrie has cultivated an amazing group of highly skilled practitioners to support the whole child all in one place. I simply could not be more grateful for having connected with CCS.”

Sara C. ~ Parent

No worries…

“My child has been treated by Carrie and Mary for over 14 years, and my child would not be where she is today if it weren’t for these two practitioners.  And even though it’s been 14 years, they continue to seek new treatments and raise the bar as to what is considered exceptional care.  When my daughter was born and evaluated, I was told by one of the best pediatric developmental specialists that if I could get Mary Wirth and Carrie Cicciu-Singer to treat my child, I wouldn’t have to worry.  It’s been 14 years and I haven’t worried one bit knowing they’re treating my child.”

Dena C. ~ Parent


“CCS is an amazing clinic that has truly been a gift to our family. The experience has been life-changing for our son, impacting so many areas beyond PT work. As our son made improvements in gross motor areas, we began to see benefits in visual processing, language production, sleep, motor coordination and more. They are able to coordinate OT and PT in tandem to effectively meet the needs of the whole child. They are able to strategically target areas that are easily missed by others, working smarter not harder.”

Elizabeth F. ~ Parent

Above and beyond…

“Carrie has always gone above and beyond for our family, as a physical therapist, mentor, and advocate. Even though my daughter is doing hard ‘work’ in each session, you would never know it from my daughter’s beaming smile whenever she sees Carrie. Carrie’s play-based approach, that was both challenging and compassionate, was the perfect fit for my daughter!”

Jill S. ~ Parent


“We were referred to Carrie by an IBCLC/SLP colleague after I voiced my concerns about my child’s decreased tolerance for tummy time at four months of age. Our evaluation with Carrie was very informative! She listened to my concerns and developed a treatment plan and home program to help my son meet his milestones. Each session with Carrie is very educational and my son always leaves with a smile. Carrie’s knowledge of development has not only improved my son’s physical development, but she has also helped us to navigate referrals to other providers in the area to support my child’s growth and development. Carrie is a phenomenal clinician, and we are so grateful that she has been part of my son’s journey!”

Anonymous ~ Parent

A big impact…

“My daughter Lily, now 11, started toe-walking again last year. We were referred to CCS Pediatric Therapy by a trusted doctor. Soon after we started seeing Sarah House, PT; Lily loves her. Sarah is excellent working with kids and Lily responds to her extremely well. When we first began a year ago, Lily was exclusively on her toes. Therapy has made a big impact on Lily’s toe walking! We are still working on it with Sarah, but it’s greatly improved from walking 24/7 on her toes! I recommend CCS without reservation.”

Cindy K. ~ Parent

From poor posture…

“My child has been working with PT, Carrie, for a few years now. His long-time developmental therapist recommended Carrie to us. My child went from poor posture and weak core strength to standing straight, playing catch on one foot while standing on an Oov, and running a sub 11 minute mile. Carrie always creates challenging and interesting exercises for my child to do, teaches my child to do them correctly and provides written instructions and illustrations that are easy for us to follow at home. Carrie is also fun and interesting to talk to during my child’s sessions. The hour flies by.”

Xiao S. ~ Parent

Their belief in my child…

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about CCS Pediatric Therapy & Family Wellness! My daughter currently works with Carrie and Deb, but each and every therapist is so friendly and caring.

The key thing I love about the entire staff is their belief in my child. As a parent, it means the world to work with therapists who believe my child can thrive and succeed.

I also love how every therapist is constantly striving to become better and more educated. Between TMR and MNRI, it is exciting to know my daughter is receiving some of the most effective techniques by some of the most highly trained therapists!”

Penny M. ~ Parent

Tremendous progress…

“My baby daughter has been working with Sarah at CCS Pediatric Therapy & Family Wellness for a couple of months. I love seeing the tremendous progress she makes with her strength and flexibility every week. She went from not being able to lift her head off the ground to loving tummy time. Sarah is knowledgeable, friendly, and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to our appointments and I am confident in my child’s future success.

Rebecca B. ~ Parent

Lots of gains…

“I have two children who receive PT services. My son has made tremendous progress in the short time he has been working with Ms. Sarah. His skills are so much better and his confidence is increasing as well.
My daughter also is making a lot of gains. She loves working with Ms. Sarah! Both of my kids have activities to do at home to supplement the skills they learn at PT. This helps bridge the therapy between home and clinic. Ms. Sarah is wonderful!”

Amanda M. ~ Parent

Major improvement…

“We found Carrie and CCS through a lactation consultant who noticed that my 2 month old was ‘stuck’ and having trouble moving her head from side to side (essentially the onset of torticollis). We saw Carrie about five times until she was around 4.5 months old, and every time we went we saw major improvement in her mobility, her strength, and her comfort. It was so amazing to see and such a relief for a new mom!

Not only was Carrie helpful as a PT when we were there for an hour each week, but she was so helpful giving us practical ways to work on things at home and tips and tricks (not just for her neck/mobility issues, but just mom-things in general)! Nothing was too difficult or too time-consuming, it was super straightforward and completely doable on a daily basis.

As thrilled as I am with all of the amazing work that Carrie did for us, I was honestly a little sad we don’t see her anymore! She’s a wonderful person and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed each visit and left with confidence that I was doing the right thing for my kid. I would highly recommend. She put all of our nerves at ease and helped our little girl tremendously.”

Emily R. ~ Parent

Dependable and respectful…

“I can’t say enough about Carrie and her team at CCS Pediatric Therapy & Family Wellness. They have been a true support for my family and I. We started going to physical therapy almost 5 years ago with my youngest son and now use many of their services. All the therapists that I have worked with have been dependable and respectful. They continue to work with my kids in their different areas of need, using all the newest techniques. Their knowledge and continuing education is a true testament to what makes them stand out above the rest. My kids never see therapy with the CCS Pediatric Therapy & Family Wellness as a chore and always have a wonderful time ‘learning.’

Bianca S. ~ Parent

We feel like family…

“We have been with Carrie since 2012 when my son was 3 years old. Carrie has been an integral part of my son’s progress and he would not be where he is today if it hadn’t been for her. The changes we started to see once Carrie started working with him were amazing. Not only did Carrie work on him but she also worked with us to teach us things we could do with him at home. She always took the time to listen to our concerns and never made us feel like we were burdening her with all of our questions. She always tried to find new ways to work with him or make suggestions of things we could do/try at home. I believe this part of the therapy is what helped him to achieve his goals and to progress so quickly. We were going to other clinics for his other therapy needs but we never felt that our son was cared for like he is with Carrie (she really raised the bar). Now that she moved into her clinic, we have started seeing some of the other therapists too! Mary (OT) is wonderful with Jonah and he has made huge progress with her too! Mary is so knowledgeable and also listens to our concerns and tries to look at Jonah from all angles. I love how Carrie and Mary coordinate his treatments together, so they are not being counterintuitive when they are treating him. Overall, he has made great progress and we feel at home when we go to CCS, we don’t feel like just another ‘client’. Everyone at CCS therapy LOVES what they do, and it shows. I highly recommend CCS as we have been to many other clinics and no one cares like CCS Pediatric Therapy & Family Wellness.”

Zeena M. ~ Parent

Wealth of knowledge…

“We chose CCS Pediatric Therapy & Family Wellness after our DT highly recommended Carrie. She listened to our concerns during the initial consultation and evaluation and created a plan that has helped our son get stronger, increase his endurance, and reach many of his initial goals. She keeps him engaged and helps him work through his struggles with fun structured activities, enthusiasm, and wonderful support. His goals keep evolving as he gets stronger and his attention/focus during activities has increased. He is building a more solid core, which is the foundation for him working on other delays he has. Mary has been great in helping regulate his body and mind so he can attend to activities. Both Carrie and Mary continually check in with us regarding concerns or areas we may want to address so they can alter his treatment plan when needed. They have a wealth of knowledge that helps us support our son outside of the clinic. We are excited about all of the areas of growth we see in our son since we started PT and OT at CCS Pediatric Therapy & Family Wellness and can’t wait to see him strive for new goals with their guidance.”

Elizabeth R. ~ Parent

So glad we chose CCS…

My Children have both benefitted from CCS incredibly. My daughter had torticollis and now it’s as if she never experienced any tightness! My son has had PT and OT services and he makes an effort to follow safety rules and actively works to calm his body down when needed. His gait has improved and we’re seeing more symmetry in the way he walks and runs. We chose CCS because of the recommendations and I’m so glad we did.

Jessica S. ~ Parent

Delighted with CCS Clubhouse…

I was thrilled to discover CCS Clubhouse summer program. My son loves adult-led, structured activities but needs help engaging with peers. I was struggling to find a camp program that would benefit him socially and developmentally and would also be able to accommodate his medical needs. We felt that CCS Clubhouse checked all of those boxes, and we were absolutely delighted with the program. Thomas loved going to camp and I felt totally comfortable leaving him in the hands of these kind caring professionals.

Lisa K. ~ Parent

A child’s testimonial…

My Colten tells me he loves physical therapy and wishes he could go everyday!

Colten S. ~ Patient

A complete transformation…

My I don’t even know where to begin in my praise of this amazing group of professionals at CCS! They have completely facilitated the metamorphosis of my five year old into the little girl that she truly is. My daughter’s disregulation was sending her into a spiral of chaos both at home and at school. As her mother I was completely at a loss about how to help her and terrified that she was going to be out-placed from her home school. Sarah A., Sarah H., and Skyler have truly been our angels on earth. They are not only AMAZING at their work but incredibly loving. In a matter of two weeks, we went from my daughter screaming and refusing to get out of the car due to severe separation anxiety to jumping into Sarah H.’s arms to go into her sessions. In two months, my daughter went from spending only 10 minutes in her classroom to only needing a 10 minute break in her entire day (at most) and eating lunch in the lunchroom! Rainy days would terrify her because that meant indoor recess in the loud gym which would send her into fight or flight. Just today, she woke up to a rainy day excited to have recess in the gym – I can’t believe it! My daughter’s therapies are seamless as they work together as a TEAM which has increased the impact of their work tenfold! The team (including Carrie) has taken valuable time to help me understand the work they are doing, taught me how to support my daughter at home, and updated me on her skill progress regularly in detail. We are forever grateful for CCS and this amazing team!

Emily W. ~ Parent

A safe place to send my son…

We are so thrilled that we found CCS Pediatric Therapy for my son! Liam was transitioning from leaving EI, getting ready to go to preschool and needed social connection with other kids. My biggest issue was trying to find somewhere that understood his developmental/speech issues. We were sent information about CCS’ Little Explorers program and jumped right on it! Carrie and Jana were so helpful from the beginning. Because of them CCS is a place where I feel safe sending him and know that they are helping him work on his developmental issues instead of ignoring them. He is learning to share, calm his body, play with others and transition from different activities. He now asks to go see Ms. Jana so we have decided to continue in an afternoon class of hers after preschool. We are so excited to see what he continues to absorb during class!

Kelly S. ~ Parent

Greatest gift…

My 3-year old son began seeing Mary for OT about five months ago. She came highly recommended by his PT who noticed that his reflexes were not integrated and knew Mary’s approach was very effective in addressing this.

Prior to seeing Mary, my son regularly fell — whether walking or even falling out of his chair, he lacked body awareness, and often seemed unsettled in his body — like he couldn’t find a comfortable position for sitting and reading together and it affected his attention. We decided we needed to get help when he started refusing to run outside because he was afraid of falling “and getting an owie.”

A few months into our sessions with Mary, my husband and I noticed a difference in our son’s movement. He walked in a more balanced way and he stopped falling all the time. At four months, we saw an improvement in his posture and how he coordinated his movements to catch a ball. Our son seems more settled in his body now and we can sit and read together for a half-hour without sensing this internal restlessness from him. One of the greatest gifts for me as a mother is seeing how confident he is in his body. It has been a joy this summer seeing him run outside, explore new playground equipment without hesitation, and splash in the lake with laughter. Our work with Mary has been life-changing for our son and our family.

Meredith M. ~ Parent

Not ‘in it’ for the financial gain…

My family has been so very impressed by CCS. When I reached out to Carrie, she spent so much time on the phone with me explaining how their practices were different in regards to PT. She CARED. Our therapist Kaitlyn is wonderful, she goes above and beyond. This practice is not ‘in it’ for the financial gain; they work with you again because they CARE. The practice is so very professional, communication is amazing, organized and best of all my son truly enjoys his time! I would HIGHLY recommend this center and continue to do so.

Anonymous ~ Parent


 My husband and I feel so fortunate for CCS. We recently went down a path of discussing how many appointments we have each week between your clinic and group and EI and ultimately just landed on a place of gratitude. While we wish our kiddos didn’t need quite so many therapy appointments, the reality is they do and we’re just grateful that CCS was recommended to us. Everyone we work with has such different personalities but are truly wonderful. Nothing matters more to me than how my kids are treated and the care they get and I whole heartedly trust each therapist that they see.

Thanks for creating and leading such a wonderful place for little ones who need extra support.

Anonymous ~ Parent

A wonderful resource…

 Thank you to CCS for introducing my daughter (and myself) to Michelle. She has been such a wonderful resource, sounding board and just an overall fantastic woman. Her suggestions and encouragement have already made an impact, and we’re eager to continue working with her ☺️

Anonymous ~ Parent