No worries…

“My child has been treated by Carrie and Mary for over 14 years and my child would not be where she is today if it weren’t for these two practitioners.  And even though it’s been 14 years, they continue to seek new treatments and raise the bar as to what is considered exceptional care.  When my daughter was born and evaluated, I was told by one of the best pediatric developmental specialists that if I could get Mary Wirth and Carrie Cicciu-Singer to treat my child, I wouldn’t have to worry.  It’s been 14 years and I haven’t worried one bit knowing they’re treating my child.”

Dena C. ~ Parent

Above and beyond…

“Carrie has always gone above and beyond for our family, as a physical therapist, mentor, and advocate. Even though my daughter is doing hard “work” in each session, you would never know it from my daughter’s beaming smile whenever she sees Carrie. Carries’s play-based approach, that was both challenging and compassionate, was the perfect fit for my daughter!”

Jill S. ~ Parent


We were referred to Carrie by an IBCLC/SLP colleague after I voiced my concerns about my child’s decreased tolerance for tummy time at four months of age. Our evaluational with Carrie was very informative! She listened to my concerns and developed a treatment plan and home program to help my son meet his milestones. Each session with Carrie is very educational and my son always leaves with a smile. Carrie’s knowledge of development has not only improved my son’s physical development, but she has also helped us to navigate referrals to other providers in the area to support my child’s growth and development. Carrie is a phenomenal clinician, and we are so greateful that she has been part of my son’s journey!

Anonymous ~ Parent

A big impact…

“My daughter Lily, now 11, started toe-walking again last year. We were referred to CCS Pediatric Therapy by a trusted doctor. Soon after we started seeing Sarah House, PT; Lily loves her. Sarah is excellent working with kids and Lily responds to her extremely well. When we first began a year ago, Lily was exclusively on her toes. Therapy has made a big impact on Lilly’s toe walking! We are still working on it with Sarah, but it’s greatly improved from walking 24.7 on her toes! I recommend CCS without reservation.”

Cindy K. ~ Parent

From poor posture…

“My child has been working with PT, Carrie, for a few years now. His long-time developmental therapist recommended Carrie to us. My child went from poor posture and weak core strength to standing straight, playing catch on one foot while standing on an Oov, and running a sub 11 minute mile. Carrie always creates challenging and interesting exercises for my child to do, teaches my child to do them correctly and provides written instructions and illustrations that are easy for us to follow at home. Carrie is also fun and interesting to talk to during my child’s sessions. The hour flies by.”

Xiao S. ~ Parent

Their belief in my child…

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about CCS Pediatric Therapy & Family Wellness! My daughter currently works with Carrie and Deb, but each and every therapist is so friendly and caring.

The key thing I love about the entire staff is their belief in my child. As a parent, it means the world to work with therapists who believe my child can thrive and succeed.

I also love how every therapist is constantly striving to become better and more educated. Between TMR and MNRI, it is exciting to know my daughter is receiving some of the most effective techniques by some of the most highly trained therapists!”

Penny M. ~ Parent

Tremendous progress…

“My baby daughter has been working with Sarah at CCS Pediatric Therapy & Family Wellness for a couple of months. I love seeing the tremendous progress she makes with her strength and flexibility every week. She went from not being able to lift her head off the ground to loving tummy time. Sarah is knowledgeable, friendly, and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to our appointments and I am confident in my child’s future sucess.

Rebecca B. ~ Parent

Lots of gains…

“I have two children who receive PT services. My son has made tremendous progress in the short time he has been working with Ms. Sarah. His skills are so much better and his confidence is increasing as well.
My daughter also is making a lot of gains. She loves working with Ms. Sarah! Both of my kids have activities to do at home to supplement the skills they learn at PT. This helps bridge the therapy between home and clinic. Ms. Sarah is wonderful!”

Amanda M. ~ Parent

Major improvement…

“We found Carrie and CCS through a lactation consultant who noticed that my 2 month old was “stuck” and having trouble moving her head from side to side (essentially the onset of torticollis). We saw Carrie about five times until she was around 4.5 months old and every time we went we saw major improvement in her mobility, her strength, and her comfort. It was so amazing to see and such a relief for a new mom!

Not only was Carrie helpful as a PT when we were there for an hour each week, but she was so helpful giving us practical ways to work on things at home and tips and tricks (not just for her neck/mobility issues, but just mom-things in general)! Nothing was too difficult or too time consuming, it was super straightforward and completely doable on a daily basis.

As thrilled as I am with all of the amazing work that Carrie did for us, I was honestly a little sad we don’t see her anymore! She’s a wonderful person and very knowledgeable, I enjoyed each visit and left with confidence that I was doing the right thing for my kid. I would highly recommend. She put all of our nerves at ease and helped our little girl tremendously.

Emily R. ~ Parent

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