COVID-19 update: Our office is now open to new and current patients for face-to-face sessions. However, we are also continuing to support patients through telehealth for those who choose to remain online for treatment (policy restrictions apply). Due to the current state and continuously evolving nature of the pandemic, we know this is an even more critical time to support children with their therapy needs. Click here for our detailed cleaning policies and procedures. Please contact us for more details. email - or call - 847-702-1542


CCS is now offering supplemental programming to promote development and support social engagement. Our groups are designed for kiddos who may or may not be in therapy. We have a variety of play and social groups for children ages 2-7 in our new space right next door to our main clinic. Each group is play-based, inclusive and run by a developmental therapist.



Preschool Programming

Toddler Group (2-3YR)

Each week will include engaging themes and fun group activities centered around play. Caregivers are encouraged to attend the first few weeks or until you feel as though your child is ready to separate.  Caregivers may also join each week if preferred. During group, we introduce circle time and transition from two to three group activities including, sensory play, art, fine and gross activities, and facilitated play.


Little Explorers (2 – 4YR) Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays 9:30-11:30 or Wednesdays & Fridays 12:30-2:30

Begins September 6th & 7th – 14 Week Session

A preschool readiness program that will target pre-academic skills in a fun and engaging environment. Each session will include circle time, gross and fine motor activities, crafts, facilitated play & emphasis on social skills. This class is perfect for kiddos who will be planning on attending a preschool program in the near future. During group, we introduce circle time and transition between group activities including; sensory play, art, fine and gross motor activities, social and free play.


Social Groups

CCS Pediatric Therapy & Family Wellness provides weekly therapeutic group sessions to improve social communication skills. Groups are based on age and areas of need, with 2-6 children in each. We currently provide groups for children in preschool, elementary school, middle school, and high school. Our social groups are influenced by the work of Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke, as well as by authors such as Joel Shaul and Julia Cook. Our modified curriculum focuses on the following areas:

  • Joint engagement
  • Play expansion
  • Collaborative activities
  • Interpreting body language and facial expressions
  • Tracking eye gaze to determine what someone is looking at or thinking about
  • Conversational skills
  • Friendship building and maintenance
  • Understanding hidden social rules
  • Understanding and using sarcasm and humor
  • Conflict resolution
  • Interview skills
  • Perspective taking
  • And More!


Early Elementary Social Group (K-2) Fridays 4:00-5:00

Begins September 9th (8 week session)
Begins November 4th /No classes week of November 21st (6 week session)

Using the social thinking curriculum we will target social skills by playing games, reading books, and engaging in teamwork activities.


Girls Social Group (High School) – Mondays 5:00-6:00

Begins September 12th (8 week session)
Begins November 7th (6 week session)

The HS social group is a fun, laid-back and engaging group that meets clients on their level. This rapport building and community like group works through day-to-day positives and challenges, while working alongside a curriculum. Our HS social group curriculum is influenced by the work of Michelle Garcia Winner, Social Thinking for Tweens and Teens. Our modified curriculum focuses on the following areas:

* Incorporating Social Thinking into the Classroom in Early Adolescence

* What is Social Communication?

* Problem Solving individually and as a group

* Understanding Emotions/Feelings and interpreting them

* Learning and applying different perspectives

* Learning to be an active member in a group in different roles

* Friendship

* Social Rules

* Participating in a group

* Reading a Room (nonverbal and verbal language)

* Understanding Figurative Language

* Understanding and using sarcasm/ humor appropriately

*Conflict resolution

* Interview skills



Feeding Groups

CCS offers weekly feeding groups for picky eaters. Each week different foods are provided for the children to learn about, look at, smell, taste, and categorize. These groups have a strong focus on FUN in order to create positive new experiences with a variety of foods. Guidance for food chaining at home is additionally provided in order to increase the foods the child is exposed to outside of the clinic, and ultimately to expand the child’s diet.




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